Global Connections

One goal of the MIEF program is to assemble a diverse student body. In order to follow this ideal, MIEF attempts to attract promising students from developing countries by offering financial aid in the form of MIEF fellowships. Current student Arif Hoti is one of the recipients of such a MIEF fellowship. His case demonstrates MIEF’s commitment to persistently support promising applicants from all over the world, regardless of their financial opportunities.

Arif is from Kosovo, a young European country that is at the initial stages of development. He joined MIEF as part of a larger scholarship program that is being implemented in his home country by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). In order to support his prospects of becoming an MIEF student, SAIS granted him an additional fellowship which covers a significant share of the tuition for MIEF. He states that this form of support has created innumerous opportunities for his professional future, which he intends to spend in a country that has only recently celebrated its eighth anniversary.

With the end of the academic year in sight, Arif emphasizes that he firmly believes that the courses at MIEF have prepared him to deal with the economic challenges that his country is facing. He says that he can’t wait to return home and start giving his own support towards a more prosperous Kosovo. “I am very excited to go back with all this knowledge and expertise. This is a very important moment in the development process of Kosovo, and I feel prepared to give my own contribution.” He adds, “The coursework at MIEF has made me aware of the indispensable role of data analysis when it comes to effective decision-making. Someone once said, ‘There are no solutions, only tradeoffs.’ MIEF has taught me how to quantify and analyze the tradeoffs. Everything else is plain theory.”

We are happy that we were able to assist Arif in his professional development, and are lucky to have him. We wish Arif all the best in his future endeavors. It is students like him that inspire both SAIS and MIEF to continue supporting students from as many countries as possible.