MIEF at the IFC

The Master of International Economics and Finance program (MIEF) at SAIS aims to equip early-career professionals with sound understanding of economic and financial theory as well as professional quantitative and econometrics skills. Early-career professionals reads “people like you and I,” to prospective MIEF applicants.

I came into the program with a background in undergraduate economics and MIEF has exceeded my expectations. I initially thought I would specialize in the International Trade and Development track but classes such as Prof. Arroyo’s International Finance and Prof. Marquez’s Macroeconomics, won me over to the dark side (Macroeconomics and Finance). The structure of courses in the program gives students flexibility to not only explore other interests but also to select classes from the wider SAIS family to tailor the program to our needs. And these needs are varied! My classmates have interests that range from private equity, venture capital, microeconomics & development, international trade to macroeconomics and international finance.

Our wonderful faculty is another reason I appreciate this program. Professors have an open-door policy, which means not only are they available to meet with you one-on-one, they actively ENCOURAGE it. They serve as a wonderful resource (not just for homework help!) to bounce research ideas off, for professional and career advice and even for academic guidance and recommendations.

Currently, I work as a Research Assistant with the International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group) while I wrap up the last semester. My work requires that I draw on advanced economic theories, and rely on my understanding on international economics and finance to connect dots. I also utilize my quantitative skills in data analysis and produce results that are often considered in decision-making. Another thing I appreciate about MIEF is the large amount of information one gets accustomed to absorbing and processing efficiently within a short period of time. I find this skill very handy in my job, it allows me to work quickly and effectively.

I appreciate the opportunity to have a great educational experience at SAIS in Washington D.C., the center of international economics, public policy, international finance and international affairs. It also helps that there are many SAIS alums who work in these fields and are always willing to serve as a sounding board, offer career advice or even help to current students and fellow alumni. 

Nana Esi Hammah, MIEF '16