Spotlight: Meghan Khosla ('15)

Meghan Khosla graduated in the inaugural year of the Masters of International Economics and Finance (MIEF) program at Johns Hopkins SAIS in June 2015. She is currently serving as an Assistant Vice President Country Risk Analyst for Citi’s Global Country Risk Management Economic Forecasting Team in Irving, Texas. This team is responsible for designing and forecasting macroeconomic and financial stress scenarios as well as determining their impact on the industry. Meghan’s particular role is to provide economic and financial forecasts of risk factors that will be used in Citi’s internal credit, market and operational risk models.

Meghan says her MIEF degree has been an important part of her transition into Citi. Many of the skills she attained in the program—including econometric analysis, risk modeling, time series econometrics and global macroeconomic analysis—are integral parts of her daily operations. Additionally, the rigor and fast paced style of the program taught her time management skills and to be efficient at work. Lastly, Meghan’s development of personal relationships with the other MIEF students during group assignments taught her the value of strong communication and efficiency within a team and how a well-executed team product can greatly surpass independent work.

Johns Hopkins SAIS, and in particular the MIEF program, taught Meghan to exhaust the benefits of technical analysis while still acknowledging its limits. She believes this program provides students with all the necessary tools to successfully analyze global economics while also incorporating qualitative knowledge about what is known (or not known) about the economy. This balance of hard and soft analysis helps her understand the meaning of her econometric models at Citi and what they may imply for a specific region or country. By stepping back and asking ‘so what’ (accredited to Economics Professor Jaime Marquez), Meghan hopes to provide a critical perspective and valuable contribution to her Citi team.