David Longstaff ('16) on interning at Treasury

This past January, I started an internship position analyzing impact and effectiveness of state venture capital programs as a part of the State Small Business Credit Initiative in the Office of Domestic Finance at the U.S. Department of the Treasury. This has been a great fit for me as my driving interest in economics is individual economic empowerment, and I believe that venture capital for small businesses is a great means to that goal. Being at the forefront of analyzing state venture capital in the United States with this project that is the largest to date for the U.S. is an incredible, dynamic learning opportunity that I am thoroughly enjoying and very grateful to be having. I am also enjoying getting to implement concepts from my MIEF coursework in the analyses I am doing at the Treasury, particularly from the econometrics courses as well as my economic development course. Actually utilizing material, we have been learning in the classroom has significantly deepened my appreciation and understanding of the MIEF structure and coursework.

Our MIEF program has a very intense quantitative focus that really stands out and gives you a value-added in the work place. You come in being familiar with econometric software and knowing how to think on your feet and set up models and conduct the appropriate analysis. Getting that base of econometric knowledge but also practical know-how and experience in thinking critically and setting and running models has been a great spring board to jump in to a lot of this work at the Treasury, and the experience so far has been a great compliment to my learning experience.

In general, this area of assessing the role of financial institutions and government in small and medium enterprise development is on which I would like to focus long-term in my career, and being able to contribute and be working on actual impact evaluation at the Treasury is an incredible experience for which I am extremely grateful. It is also an experience that would not have been possible without the skills I have gained and continue to sharpen in the MIEF program at SAIS, nor without the strong SAIS alumni network that exists within the Treasury.

I am having a fantastic hands-on learning and working experience, and I look forward to all that is to come in this exciting semester as we all transition and take our skills from the classroom to making an impact in the work place. I certainly count my MIEF and Treasury experiences as critical and impactful steps in building towards success in my career path, and I am incredibly grateful for both of them.

David Longstaff