MIEF and Self-Enrichment

What’s so special about the Johns Hopkins, SAIS’s MIEF program?

There is nothing about the MIEF program at Johns Hopkins, SAIS that could be made more appealing for any young professional with an interest in international macroeconomics looking for a Master’s degree.

When I first found out about this program, I had no idea about how serious the faculty and staff were about going above and beyond to equip me with the right set of analytical tools needed to succeed in this field. A year later, I have been considered as one of the top recruits by one of the world’s most important multilateral organizations to pursue economic analysis at the highest level. None of this would have been possible without the help of the renowned individuals that put together the MIEF program. And I’m not only talking about myself, my cohort, a tight group of highly motivated individuals, has undoubtedly been set on a very promising trajectory with strengthened economic knowledge and leadership skills.

Perhaps, other than the faculty and staff, the second thing that I enjoyed the most of my graduate experience was the fact that one of the most competitive programs out there also happened to be located at the heart of Washington, DC where being a MIEF student definitely makes a difference. I was given the opportunity to have one-on-one interactions with top economists and, through its distinguished network of alumni, I was also given special access to the most exclusive conferences in the profession.  If you don’t already know this, the US capital is where you want to be if you happen to be interested in any part of the design and implementation of current and upcoming economic policies. It goes without saying that my learning experience was enriched to a great extent by the work of think tanks, multilateral organizations, and the most prestigious economic institutions in this country, right next door to SAIS.

At the end, you can search all you want but you won’t be able to find any other program that is both as complete and enriching but also as condensed as the MIEF at SAIS. The program was carefully designed in such a way that it actually manages to give you a good understanding of advanced economic theories, develop quantitative skills, and analyze current international economic issues, everything in less than a year. More importantly, there is no doubt that MIEF cares about its student’s success in the workplace. This program makes sure students build strong ties with their professors and have access to the best mentorship opportunities. Every year several students are given the opportunity to prove themselves as teaching and research assistants, something that is so unique at the masters’ level, that it is not surprising that most graduates find no difficulty standing out among their peers even across different types of professional settings.

If you are like me looking to push yourself and get right on track on a promising career in the field of international economics, don’t look more, this program is right for you.

-Sebastian Herrador (MIEF '16)